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FASHFEST night 2: With intimidating fashion, looks can be deceiving

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Fashion can be intimidating. You know I’m right because you’re all secretly thinking it.

Too often we think that to be fashionable we either a) need to radiate the ‘I-don’t-give-a-damn’ attitude if flaunting our own style or b) have a nicely sized purse that carries an equally sized amount of money in order to afford the latest designs off the runway. Neither are true. But inconsistent sizing, overwhelming price tags and the fear of society believing you have no dress sense can make it otherwise daunting. Fashion shows even more so.

The perfect outfit does not come easily either. It is a balanced equation of carefully selected elements cautiously mixed together to avoid fatal fashion faux pas.


But with intimidating fashion, looks can be deceiving. We need only look to Canberra’s very own ‘collection’ of designers to see that fashion can be accessible and affordable to any woman—regardless of shape, size or curvature. So with this in mind, not to mention it being my first fashion show to cover, (let alone attend), I arrived at FASHFEST with trepidation and excitement, unsure of what to expect.

Daring, intriguing and a little quirky, FASHFEST showcased some remarkable compound designs that strutted the catwalk with boldness, cheek and attitude. Like that of The Scientist, the designers put forward intriguing, innovative and collaborative pieces that could be perceived to err a little on the playful side. But more importantly there was a little something for everyone. From swimwear to adventure, tailored suits to elaborate headwear, FASHFEST had it all and to think it was only night two.

Click on the albums below to see all the beautiful fashion of FASHFEST.

FASHFEST and JETS Digital Swimsuit Collaboration

The FASHFEST collaboration with  JETS Digital and British fashion designer Shelley Campton continued, fashioned around the night’s theme of ‘The Scientist’. The striking line of contemporary swimwear brought back memories of high school biology lessons with an insect-inspired line from designer Eleanor Gates-Stuart, and emerging textile artist and screen printer, Jemima Parker.

Percival Luto 

No swimsuit is complete without a conversation piece. Those science-inclined may have made the connection with Percival Luto representing the outlier, the oddity, the uncharted and the remote. Considering each piece of jewellery they produce as a sculpture, Percival Luto sets form and structure on fire by bringing the two together.


 CIT Graduate Class 2014

These serious fashionistas have been slaves to design sketches, measuring tapes and sewing machines for the past three years. With their upcoming graduation, these CIT student designers were given the FASHFEST 2014 platform to both test and showcase the concepts for their graduation collections.

BM Designs

BM designer, Barb Mickelson was born in the midst of a mad hatter’s tea party. Barb creates incredibly quirky hats that can even make brick walls smile. Armed with an eclectic supply of hand dyed fabrics, vintage buttons, ribbon and lace, her hats are a wearable piece of art.

Of course my favourite piece was the gorgeous whimsical piece  that I was fortunate to wear! 




Bringing feminine beauty to the forefront of the runway, designer Gina Poulakis strives to emphasise a woman’s form and classic silhouette. Creating pencil skirts and wiggle dresses, whilst targeting the petite woman, G. Ginchy’s clothing are all designed and manufactured in Canberra.


Standing loud and proud for her love of Australia is young designer Philippa Soutberg, with her label, Recollection. Philippa makes Australian-inspired garments that remind her of Australia’s fabulous natural and rural landscape. Moving beyond the latest trends, she designs to provide wearers with meaning, memories and positive experiences.



Braddon Tailors/ Cotter’s Crossing

Two heads are always better than one, and that’s why the collaboration between Canberra-based designers, Pip Morgan and Tarun Charker sets the tailor-made clothing market on fire. Their made-to-measure garments by Braddon Tailors are aimed at the style-savvy individual and is made using the most luxurious and unique materials, sourced globally, only using the best mills. Making a debut appearance at FASHFEST 2014, Braddon Tailors proudly launched Cotter’s Crossing- their weekend semi-formal and ready-to-wear casual clothing label.


Mont brings a different touch to the runway with their Adventure clothing, using the latest technologies in fabrics and manufacturing techniques. Founded in Canberra by Andrew Montgomery in 1981, Mont has grown to be one of the nations leading independent outdoor adventure brands.




Men often get forgotten on the runway, however Perpetually Five is committed to providing men with the opportunity to express personality through fashion with their new and vibrant clothes. Incorporating children’s drawings into their pattern and fabric design, creative fashion designer, Mitchell Thompson believes child-like attitude is an important way to build a label that is fun, smart, dressy and casual.


Photography is courtesy of Ashleigh Croxford from Silque Photography & Designs

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