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Meet Curly Cuts—Canberra’s new salon for curly hair

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Gone are the days spending hours with a hair straightener crisping our bouncy curls into straight flat strands.

As we move away from the Eurocentric standards that dominate the beauty industry, we have seen a resurgence for embracing our hair’s natural texture.

Instead of manipulating it with damaging heat to keep it in check with the perfectly straight style, people are turning towards new methods to accept and accentuate natural curls.

Enter Leeanne Goodwin and her new Lyons salon Curly Cuts, which aims to teach Canberrans not to shy away from our natural selves but embrace our unique curls with open arms.

Having started with a retail store—Natural Eclipse—in Fyshwick, Leeanne says she saw a gap in the market for a salon that catered exclusively to curly hair.

Leeanne Goodwin.

“The way we see it—each and every one of our customers at Natural Eclipse has been asking for something like Curly Cuts—we simply took the brave step to create what our customers were asking for,” she says.

“I realised that I wanted to explore a new direction in the hair industry. I wanted to learn all about the organic and natural movement and that is when Natural Eclipse came about. Working in Natural Eclipse I continued to learn, especially about ‘no poo’ washing, co-washing and curly girl products/methods as many of these methods use natural and organic products.”

Luckily, today’s hair trends are dominated by ’70s-style layers, shag cuts and even something called a ‘soft mullet’. These styles are low-maintenance and work with natural texture to create interesting volume and along with the rise of the ‘curly girl method’, it seems that natural hair is in—which Leeanne is grateful for.

“This movement can be perceived as an unorthodox way of hairdressing and when I first started exploring it, there weren’t many hairdressers in the industry teaching it so that is when I decided to step in and help.”

Today Leeanne has two hubs for ‘Curlies in Canberra’—a retail outlet in Fyshwick and now Curly Cuts in Lyons.

“Our mission is to provide the best level of customer service to each client, thereby establishing a long-lasting relationship built on trust (and great heads of hair!),” she says.

“We believe it’s very important that Curly Cuts takes on a comprehensive approach to curly hair cutting and products. In fact, we even support those with wavy hair and natural textured hair. Our services list covers everything from dry curl cutting, freehand curl cutting, wet curl cutting and more.”

Curly Cuts salon.

For those new to the curly hair movement, all this new terminology can sound overwhelming. That’s why Curly Cuts offers guidance with a ‘curly girl hair session’.

“This is a general conversation about curly girl including an explanation of no poo, low poo, co-washing and plopping,” explains Leeanne. “We also discuss how you care for your curls between wash days, including a hands-on demonstration on one of the participants to show you how to wash with no poo cleansers and the various applications of products.”

“We break down step by step how you would apply products, followed by air drying, diffuse or hooded dry. Our sessions are professional but a lot of fun! They can include up to four people—that way you can share the cost with friends and make it a great day out.”

Curly Cuts salon.

Canberra, it’s time to turn off the straightener and bring back those bouncy, vivacious curls. There is something undeniably empowering about embracing your natural self and a visit to Curly Cuts can equip you with all you need to begin your natural hair transformation.

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