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Meet The Beautique hand and nail care oils you didn’t know you needed until now

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Franklin beauty studio The Beautique’s ethos revolves around the perfect balance of beauty and care.

In fact, it was through aligning outside pampering with inner wellbeing that sparked salon founder Jessica Peris’ latest venture—a considered and curated range of hand and cuticle oils called By The Be.

Originally inspired by the events of 2020 and the world’s obsession with handwashing, Jessica says a luxurious hand and cuticle oil was always on the cards for one of Canberra’s favourite nail salons.

“It was always a distant idea for us to create cuticle oils, being in line with our nail focused services at The Beautique. During the lockdown in 2020, we finally had a chance to think about taking the idea further.”

“With so much hand washing and sanitising our hands were really suffering, but we were also made aware of how powerful they are, and had a new appreciation of our hands and the effect of their touch.”

“The By The Be. brand philosophy is centred around our hands and their undervalued significance. For many of us who work with our hands, our livelihood depends on them—whether you’re in a trade, an artist, creator, a mother, a father, a musician.”

The oils are naturally derived, cruelty-free and hand-blended in Canberra in small batches, “made with love, from start to finish”. There are three scents to choose from, with each blend containing a variety of essential oils.

“The blend of essential oils have been considered holistically not only for their scent or topical benefits but for their spiritual and emotional benefits as well, paying homage to the realms of aromatherapy and herbalism,” says Jessica.

The three blends are:

  • Lumiere —A sweet blend of citrus and vanilla. Uplifting for clarity and radiance.
  • Obscure —Rose, blended with patchouli and frankincense. Soothing and grounding—healing on the skin and the heart.
  • Sombre—A dreamy blend of Australian nerolina and lavender. Balancing, to calm your body and mind.

Jessica explains that the names of each scent are inspired by times of the day—Lumiere relating to the light or morning, Obscure relating to dusk, and Sombre to the dark or night.

But don’t be fooled by the scents and beautiful packaging—these oils pack a punch for tired hands.

“They’re packed with all the nutrients to improve the appearance of rough, dry and damaged skin. One of our main ingredients is Camellia seed oil, a natural emollient which means it’s very effective at locking in moisture, yet it is super lightweight and does not leave a greasy finish,” says Jessica.

Drawing on the popularity of face oils which Jessica says “have become extremely popular”, By The Be’s oils are both a nourishing treatment and a sensory experience.

“Natural botanical oils are super nourishing, and carry many benefits that most water-based moisturisers don’t,” explains Jessica, adding that you only need one drop per hand.

“What I do is apply two drops to the back of my left hand, then use the back of my right hand to blend the product together and spread the oil down the fingers and to the cuticles.”

“You can rub the excess into your palms or the ends of your hair. We recommend choosing a moment once a day, to thank your hands for the hard work they do. I love making it a part of my evening ritual, having the soft scent linger before I drift to sleep.”

For Jessica, the end goal was always to create a product she saw a need for in The Beautique’s dedicated clientele.

“The word “Be” encompasses many different connotations—it began as a little play on words for “by The Beautique”, but became so much more than that, and grew into its own entity. To just be, to exist, to be present—whatever our audience want it to be.”

Want even more from By The Be? Keep an eye on The Beautique’s socials to be the first to know about upcoming product releases.

Photography: Zoe Spaleta

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