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The Classic Construction Curves of Como

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American architect Charles Deaton (1921-1996) once said “If people do not have angles, then we should not live in boxes”.

Classic Constructions’ newest display home in Denman Prospect, “Como”, is testament to the Curvilinear School of Architecture and has been built to show prospective new homeowners that not all right angles are, well, right.

According to science, there is something hard-wired into humans which makes us feel happy and soothed when we see curves in the built environment.

With two dramatic curved balconies and the abundant use of soft curves throughout its interior, this four-bedroom, three-and-a-half-bathroom home challenges our expectations of new builds and sets a new bar for craftsmanship.

In terms of its layout, Como embraces flexible and multi-generational living. For instance, a clever second-storey living area can be hived off for parents to relax or could be turned over for a children’s television room keeping everyone connected and within sight of each other through an enormous internal glass window.

On the lower-level, there are several multi-functional which could be used as a third living area, kids’ rumpus, formal lounge, or home office. Connected to a fourth bedroom and bathroom, it could also become a teen or grandparents’ retreat, allowing extended family to live under the same roof while maintaining their own sense of space.

According to Architect Robert Knee, “this is becoming an increasingly important consideration as multi-generational living becomes more vital in our community.”

The main floor of Como is an awe-inspiring, light-flooded, 3-metre vaulted-ceilinged affair with breathtaking 180-degree vistas.

“The split-level design assists in optimising solar access to the main living areas, to reduce reliance on mechanical heating whilst showcasing the surrounding rolling views and providing direct access to the alfresco area and back yard,” explains Robert.

In a demonstration of Classic Constructions’ collaborative process, interior designer Kylie Radburn has perfectly articulated the exterior architectural language throughout the home, most notably through the curves in the internal walls as one ascends to the main floor.

Kylie was excited to take on the project “because curves give you so much scope to do something really quite different”.

She followed the theme in the kitchen joinery which provides fluid curves around the kitchen island and rangehood and painstakingly designed bespoke sideboards and entertainment units, and, most strikingly, the beautifully curved vanity units.

“I selected a mosaic white finger tile—also referred to as a Kit Kat tile—to be laid on the curved wall in the shower, and a beautiful sage green in that same range for the Master ensuite and the powder room, to provide highlights and bring in subtle colour,” she said.

She was also able to influence the design early on to accommodate bulkheads in the soaring living room ceilings to allow sheer curtains to drape seamlessly without showing any tracking. The choice of the exact shade of white for the exterior rendered curves continues throughout the interior of the home.

This cohesion of the design and building process ultimately leads to a superior final product, according to Classic Constructions Director Jason Tanchevski.

“Because all our specialists are involved from the beginning, we can not only foresee and plan for any complications, but build on the original vision for the home to create an outstanding end result.”

Jason said incorporating curves into residential architecture often had a “bad rap” due to the difficulty of making them look perfect and the idea they may waste space.

But at Como, the curves were seamless and “every single piece of space is used and we have included the curves in that utilisation”.

“My favourite part of this home is really the high ceilings and feelings of space and openness. It has a really calm, generous feeling which you can’t really understand unless you come and see this house for yourself.”

Jason noted the future-proofing in design made the living and bedroom zones multi-functional and it was a house which could suit many family variations.

“It’s a house where really you have everything you might ever need.”

If you want to experience the aesthetic joys of curved architecture for yourself, you can visit Como during weekend open houses or by appointment.


What: Como Display Home by Classic Constructions
Where: 41 Kondelea Way, Denman Prospect
When: Open to the public Saturdays and Sundays between 11am – 2pm or by appointment via the website


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