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Street Stylin’

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When it’s raining mid-summer and not so hot, what do you wear without feeling like it’s winter all over again?

We hit the streets for some inspo, and found the key is to layer it up with soft shirts and wraps while injecting a hint of colour into your look…

Anna, Deakin



“I am wearing Witchery – pretty much all Witchery. I absolutely love Witchery from the glasses to the makeup to jackets and accessories. It’s funny weather so you have to dress cool so you can change a bit but you still want to look stylish. Plus its Friday – I’ve been in a suit all week running around Parliament and I just wanted to wear something casual. Witchery and Country road I love, Country Road more for the casual pieces and more for weekend wear – jeans, nice t-shirt and kick around sneakers. But Cue and Veronika Maine are my go-to for work stuff because it’s not your boring black suit. Its something stylish but still professional.”

Paulina, Bruce


“I’m wearing H&M flared trousers and just a little cami from Esprit and a Max & Co. cardigan. So it’s just a silver sheer silk. My shoes are from Diana Ferarri.”

Michelle, Narrabundah


“This shirt is back in fashion from 10 years ago and I got compliments on it at work today and it’s old! So it goes with whatever I’ve got on. The sunnies are from Banana Republic in Portland, Oregon. The shoes are Nine West – last Winter. The bag is from Gertrude – it’s Italian. I like to shop when I’m on holiday so Melbourne usually, Sydney or overseas – just because I’ve got time and I’m relaxed, not under pressure. On weekends I like to be outside and enjoying life in and around town or in the mountains or at the beach. Rather than being at the mall I like outdoor shopping more so Manuka is great for that.”

Alyssa, Ngunnawal

Street stylin55

“My navy backless, long sleeve top is from Zara in Canberra Centre. The pants were actually given to me and I think they’re from ASOS online. I like Zara, Bardot and places like that to shop.”

All photos by Ashley St George. 

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