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Miss Winks: Underneath it all

Amanda Smith

Sometimes it’s about what lies beneath.

Do you feel more confident when you’re wearing beautiful lingerie? You’re not alone. Although the rest of the world may not be able to see the wispy pieces you’re sporting under your clothes, there’s just something about knowing they’re there…


Now there’s a new destination for lovers of lingerie — Miss Winks, a beautifully-styled Braddon boutique stocking delicate undergarments as well as intricate jewelry.

Miss Winks isn’t owner Annie Brown’s first outing in the Canberra fashion retail scene — in fact, one of HerCanberra’s first stories was about her former adorable clothing boutique, Bel’s Aviary. So why a shop focussing on what you DON’T see?

Miss Winks owner Annie Brown

Miss Winks owner Annie Brown

“I saw a bit of a gap in the market in Canberra for the type of product that I was offering, namely lingerie that was affordable, on trend and really well made,” explains Annie.

“I also wanted a platform to support local and Australian designers as well. All of the designers I have in store at the moment are all independent upcoming Aussie labels.”


Annie’s passion for the whimsical and unique doesn’t stop with the styles she stocks; her space is unique too, occupying the ground floor entrance of Browlab’s ultra chic, ultra white loft shop front on Elouera Street in Braddon.


“I wanted to create a really fun in-store experience as well,” explains Annie. “I have a personal styling and fashion styling background so over the last few years I’ve really gotten to understand what women want from a shopping experience. “I wanted to create a space that’s really relaxed where they can buy something unique and something that they wouldn’t find elsewhere in Canberra including the accessories that I’ve got in like body products, jewelry and candles.”

If your cups do not runneth over (or, indeed, if they spill out) dispel those doubts I know you’re harbouring when it comes to shopping for lingerie. Annie prides herself on being able to cater to a variety of shapes and sizes.


“There’s a variety of sizes that I’ve got at the moment and there are different styles to suit different women at Miss Winks,” explains Annie.

“The bralettes are probably more for a smaller bust but some of the styles have thicker straps under the bust and are more robust and go from extra small and extra large as well. I’ve got other pieces that are more supportive, I’ve got body suits from extra small to extra large and all sorts of knickers that are flattering.”


Annie’s been around the traps for a long time, and there are few more talented stylists. And, honestly, isn’t someone who knows what is going to look good on you — and make you feel good in your own skin — exactly the person you want to encounter when searching for lingerie?!

“I think coming from that fashion styling background I know the importance of underwear and how it can make you feel when you put it on, not only how it makes you look in what you’re wearing but also as the foundations of what you’re wearing.”


No matter what your taste in lingerie – from floral fluffy pieces to sleek black sets – it’s all about making yourself (and your significant other) feel good.


“I’ve had people come in and say, ‘It’s my boyfriend’s birthday and I want to feel really beautiful,’ and the fact that they’re coming in and finding pieces that make them feel beautiful, that’s why I opened the shop, to give that experience to people and have things in here that are really uplifting and fun and not all 100% serious. It’s meant to be fun and a bit cheeky and a bit sassy!”


You can find Miss Winks under Browlab in Braddon. Go on, treat yourself.


the essentials

What: Miss Winks
Where: 5/26 Elouera St, Braddon at the bottom floor of Browlab’s studio
When: Open Monday and Saturday 10am-2pm, Wednesday-Friday 10am-5.30pm, closed Tuesday and Sunday
Website: www.misswinks.com

Photography by Martin Ollman


Amanda Smith

Amanda is a lunch enthusiast and Canberra local with a love of all things curious. With a background in photography and current studies in journalism, she hopes to produce work on the human condition and what makes us so intricate. In her spare time she enjoys spending time with her eccentric family and buying bread, dip and olives from the Old Bus Depot Markets for lunch on a Sunday. More about the Author

  • Thursday

    Is having sizes “small to large” really catering to everybody? I have no issue with boutiques specialising in a set of sizes (it gets difficult to be solvent otherwise), but it’s really not helping anybody to pretend that s-l covers “everybody”. You can be honest and say that you have a range of styles within your cores sizes. I doubt I could get a pair of those knickers over my knee, let alone over my bum.

    • Miss Winks

      Hi there, thanks for your comment. There was an error in the article about the range of sizes being S-L, when it is in fact XS- XL. I totally agree this doesn’t cover every shape and size- the idea was to convey there is a range of not just sizes, but styles to suit a variety of body shapes. The article has now been updated to make this a little more clear 🙂 Miss Winks x