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The Fashion Treasure Hunt

Laura Peppas

It was over lunch with a friend one day that Fiona Keary decided to do something for the organisation that had done so much for her family.

Fiona, whose five year old son Max has cerebral palsy, has experienced first-hand the difference the ACT’s Cerebral Palsy Alliance can make to families – they provide support and services for Max and thousands of others including early intervention, specialised assessments, therapy, aids and equipment.


The owner of image consultancy service Style Liberation decided to run a Fashion Treasure Hunt, held at Westfield Belconnen. Last year, the inaugural hunt raised over $5,000 for the Alliance with 100 competitors, and Fiona says this year’s hunt will be “bigger and better than ever”.

“This year’s event will be held at both Belconnen and Woden Westfields over two days, which is very exciting, and we’re aiming to have 350 participants across both centres,” she says.

“I’ll be putting together fashion-related clues, and they can range from counting the number of stores on one level, locating a pair of shoes, or finding the number of exits on a particular level.”

Teams of up to four compete against each other to solve, find and collect clues located in the centres within one hour.


Each clue is allocated a point value depending on its difficulty and the team with the highest points wins, with prizes for participants who come first, second and third as well as a raffle and lucky dip.

Some of the prizes include Westfield gift vouchers and prizes from Westfield retailers.

“You don’t have to be fashion conscious to compete, it’s about finding landmarks and getting a good feel for the space,” says Fiona.

“From the feedback we received last year, so many people said it was such a fun day out with their friends.”

Money raised from the event will go towards the Cerebral Palsy Alliance, which Fiona says has recently helped Max communicate for the first time.

“He now has the cognitive ability to learn and to engage with others using a computer he can access with a camera,” she says.

“What’s amazing to see is he has a voice now; at five years old he finally has a voice and it’s opened up so many possibilities for him. Having a team that is specialised and able to do that in Canberra is amazing, otherwise I don’t know what we would have done.”

The essentials

What: Fashion Treasure Hunt
When: 12pm on Saturday 2 May at Westfield Belconnen or Sunday 3 May at Westfield Woden
How to register: Visit Try Booking
Cost: $45 pp or $150 for a team of 4
More details:


Laura Peppas

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