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How to schedule a Three Day At-Home Retreat

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It doesn’t matter how hectic life gets—you still deserve time to reset, says business owner and mum of three under five Kirra Rankin.

Life is full.

I’d rather use the word “full”, than “crazy busy”.

There’s no time for yoga retreats.

There’s no time for facials.

There’s no time for yoga classes.

There’s no time for making my green juice.

There’s no time to fit in a 20-minute meditation.

There’s no time for a walk, run, walk or jog.

I’ve got three little kids, a growing business and I’m breastfeeding every couple of hours. I AM FULL.

However…let’s make this work! How about we create our very own three-day At Home Retreat?

This will work REALLY well for you if you’re on maternity leave. Or, if you are working full time, commit to a couple of self-care initiatives before and after work (or on a weekend). Or commit to just three hours on a weekend. Let’s commit together.

I’m starting at 9.15 am, on Wednesday 5 February. School’s back, and it’s MY TIME TO SHINE.

It’s only three days—who is joining me?!


Every year I used to commit to a yoga retreat.

Full immersion—no phone, healthy eating, exercise, positive mindset, goal setting, R & R and sleep.

I’ve been to Bali, Sri Lanka, Fiji, Byron Bay, Noosa, Bayley Point, Kangaroo Valley, etc.  I now have three kids. I now live in a “fantastic mess” (read my survival tips here).

So, every three months I do my AT HOME RETREAT. It helps to step away from the “fantastic mess”, be an observer in my current lifestyle, and make changes where I feel I need to (“little life tweaks”).

Here’s a copy of my plan for my next retreat. Take a closer look at the PDF here.

Every three months the plan changes, depending on what I need—this particular retreat I need rest and recovery, lung health (thanks to the smoke) and a quiet space.

This is how I make it happen:

1) Have a family meeting (or collaboration) to discuss with your team (or family) WHY you need this retreat

I’d suggest not doing your face mask with any child under four…

Firstly, my hubby and I have a discussion with our little people about the importance of self-care and looking after Mummy, so “she can look after the family”.

We ask if there are any questions. And we move on quickly (I usually have a 30-second window to have a good chat with my two and 4-year-olds!)

2) Delegate the washing during the retreat

It’s all about communication. If my hubby knows he’s on washing duty for three days—then that’s what’s happening! He’ll get his downtime next week.

Usually I do a load of wash everyday, so it never builds up. I definitely don’t want to finish my retreat and have a giant pile waiting for me (that defeats the purpose of WHY I’m making this retreat happen!).

3) Clean the house the day before, as there is NO CLEANING on retreat

For me, this is a priority. I love an organised, clean (ish) house—And doing yoga and meditation when you can see visible chunks of dog hair, hard play-doh from five days ago and crackers isn’t conducive to a still mind.

4) Print the schedule off, and put it on the fridge

Choose five things you want to tick off each day for your retreat and create your schedule around them.

Here’s my schedule (click here). You’re welcome to email me ( if you need help with your retreats schedule (or you’re welcome to copy mine!).

Here’s a blank schedule template for you to print out and fill in.

5) Make sure there’s a mixture of mind, body and soul activities on the list

Have a theme—my 4-year-old wants to call my retreat: “Think. Breathe. Believe and Poop”. I don’t suggest that theme.

I’m going with “Ease. Space. Peace” as my theme for this retreat.

I’ve organised for Dee Brennan (from Thinkoutloud) to do a free live Guided Meditation with us HerCanberra readers at 9 pm on Wednesday 5 February on her Thinkoutloud Facebook page.

This will be a great chance to be still, commit to yourself and be guided into an awesome sleep cave.

6) Set a budget

Some of my quick and easy go-tos—HydraBomb facemask, GG green juice and Vital for your smoothies.

I gave myself a $150 budget (for face masks, green juice, lunch out one day and a facial), however, if you’ve got $6 to your name, there’s plenty you can do.

You can make your own face mask with boiled oats and avocado, drink hot water, sleep, practise positive self-talk, take your baby with a walk in the ergo or walk with a weight vest, write in a gratitude journal, watch yoga on YouTube, tune in for the free LIVE meditation with Thinkoutloud—and did I mention sleep? See—easy!

7) If you have kids, let them highlight what you achieved for the day

Face mask time with the 4 year old…

This is a must. Let your kids be a part of the process and journey.

Let them know how you feel each night after you’ve been looking after yourself. They’ll probably encourage you to do it more!

It’s our time to SHINE. Who’s with me?

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