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Why having an accountability buddy can make all the difference

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How did you go with setting new “little habits” last week?

Did you tweak your week? Did it stick? If not, why do you think it didn’t last?

Maybe you need a buddy to keep yourself accountable? A success buddy.

Last week, my column was about setting realistic, achievable, simple, easy “little habits”—here’s the planner, just for you. You can find a printable copy here.

When we set ourselves new well-being goals or habits, we need to keep ourselves accountable.

Dee, from Thinkoutloud recommends verbalising your goals with a buddy. This can increase your chances of success by up to 65%.

The other benefit of verbalising your goals is that you become more specific which makes your goals easier to achieve.

You need a buddy who is:

1) Fun, organised and creative (got anyone in mind?)
2) Reliable (you need to be reliable too though!)
3) Accessible (so you can check in with each other!)

Remember, if you want to successfully start implementing habits, then you need to:

1) Decide WHAT the habit is
2) Write it down
3) Schedule when it’s going to happen on the planner
4) Follow through (contact your success buddy!!)
5) Work on it. Everyday.

Here’s the text or email you can message your success buddy:

“Hey _________

Would you be interested in being my success buddy? I’m wanting to implement The Little Habits planner into my week. We’re 65% more likely to get it done if we do it together!

Here’s what’s involved—four daily habits which you can choose to commit to:

1) Morning Habit

2) Daily Self-Care Habit

3) Movement Habit

4) Evening Habit

Would you be keen to start the new habits with me?

Love _______

Speaking of habits—every week for the past 17 weeks, I’ve been encouraging you to add a HerWorkout circuit to your week.

Here’s this week’s edition:

Her Workout: Hip Stability and Leg Strength Workout

1) Lateral Hip Rotation
2) Single Leg Squat
3) Single Leg Bridge
4) Lunge
5) Table Top Abdominal Tuck

You can print the PDF here, and the IGTV 2 min clip will be available on IGTV later today.

Are you ready to tweak your week?

Let’s find your success buddy to keep yourself accountable.

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