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Winter Workout Anytime

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It’s not very often that I get invited to road test the larger, franchise style gyms. What strikes me walking into Anytime Fitness Gungahlin however, is the level of personal attention I receive. It’s evident the amount of effort that the team, particularly Personal Trainer Cameron Carswell, puts into making each and every member feel special and unique.


This road test is a special opportunity for me, as it’s a chance to train with Anytime Fitness Personal Trainer of the Year Cameron Carswell. Having been a personal trainer for seven years, you might think Cameron may be a little jaded – but he insists he loves his job every day.

“I love that I get to help change peoples lives” says Cameron. “It may sound like a cliché, but you do really get to see the huge impact that you have on people’s lives. I have even been told by clients that I’ve saved their life! I feel like I am one of the lucky people who get to wake up every day and go and do a job that I love.”

Anytime Fitness Gungahlin is a really exceptional facility – surprisingly spacious, with plenty of new equipment, various areas for different kinds of training, including free weights, pin-loaded, functional training, cardio and more. It’s a fit out that’s typical across the 15 ACT clubs.

What’s really exciting is that the club is about to get even better.

“It’s all top secret” says Cameron. “But our free weights will become twice the size, and we’ll be introducing a new revolution in the fitness industry that I know our members will love and will help them reach their fat loss goals!”


While the facility itself is fantastic, according to Cameron it’s the people that really make all the difference. Not just the great staff (Anytime Fitness Gungahlin have won Anytime Fitness Club of the Year 2015/2016), but the members who set the club apart.

“We have a huge range of great members with all different types of goals – from beginner to advanced. It’s a second home for most of them. As staff, we focus on having a really friendly and supportive environment for all our members.”

While Anytime Fitness do run ‘challenge’ style programs, they’re primarily designed as a launching point for a self-sustaining holistic lifestyle change. By providing education and support in exercise, mindset and nutrition, as well as an encouraging, friendly community, Anytime Fitness aim to help transform their members into the best version of themselves.

Having trained with Cameron myself, I can attest to his expertise and supportive nature. He took me through a challenging workout which we’d like to share with you. Any of Anytime Fitness’ 15 Canberra locations have the equipment, space and expertise to allow you to complete this exercise routine as often as you like. 

The clubs’ 24 hour opening hours will allow even the busiest HerCanberra reader to make time for their fitness goals and this workout can be done in the gym alone or with your workout buddy, and is designed to keep participants working at a high anaerobic capacity.

“This will help you burn a huge amount of calories, increase your anaerobic threshold – meaning you will be able to burn more fat during exercise – increase muscle mass, as well as cardiovascular fitness and stamina.”

Cameron has provided beginner and advanced options, so you can tailor the workout to your ability. For beginners, don’t give yourself a time limit – just aim to get through the workout. Advanced participants should aim to complete the circuit in 7 minutes, while intermediate participants should aim for about 8 minutes.


Cameron recommends that you start with a few minutes of cardio to warm up, and then launch into the workout.

Exercise 1: Barbell Squats


Advanced: Thrusters

Beginner: Sit to stand

Lift the barbell onto your shoulders (either from a squat rack, by yourself or with the assistance from another person). Engage your stomach mucles, keep your chest proud and shoulders back and down, and push your bottom back as though you’re sitting down in a chair. Once you’ve reached your depth, push through your heels and stand up, keeping your chest upright and engaging your glute muscles.

It’s important not to let your knees fall in, and to keep your spine straight through the entire movement.

Repeat this movement for 4 sets of 15 reps.

Exercise 2: Dumbbell Bent Over Row


Advanced: Single Arm Alternating Dumbbell Bent Over Row

Beginner: TRX Row

For the TRX Row, grab the handles of the TRX and set yourself up to stand with your feet as close to the TRX as is comfortable, keeping in mind that the closer your feet are the more challenging the movement will be.

Keeping your core engaged, your chest proud and your shoulders back and down, lower yourself down and pull yourself back up, keeping your shoulder blades as close together as possible. Keep your spine straight and your elbows in.

For the bent over row, remember to bend from the hips and keep the spine straight, rather than bending over and curving.

Repeat this movement for 4 sets of 15 reps.

Exercise 3: Push ups


Advanced: Hand Release Push Ups

Beginner: Push Ups on Knees

Start either on your knees or toes (depending on your ability) in a plank position with your torso in a straight line.

Remember to tense your stomach muscles as your lower yourself until your chest nearly meets the ground between your hands. Keep your chin down towards your chest so as not to put pressure on your neck. Keep your elbows back – not out – and push yourself back to the starting position.

Complete 4 sets of 15 reps.

Exercise 4: Rope Whips


Grab battle ropes in both your hands and prepare for the movement by bracing through your abdominals and pulling your shoulders back and down.

Keeping your chest up and chin down, push through your heels to raise the ropes and slam them down against the ground. Remember to keep your spine straight and engage your glutes, while not allowing your knees to collapse in.

Complete 4 sets of 50 reps.

Exercise 5: Leg Raises


Advanced: Leg Raise with pause

Beginner: Butterfly Sit Ups

Lie on the ground with your legs out straight in front of you. Squeezing your stomach muscles and keeping your legs as straight as you can manage, lift both your legs off the ground up to a 90 degree angle to your torso. Keep your spine straight and flatten your lower back to the ground. When your legs are up straight in the air, continue to push your hips up off the ground. Keep your legs straight and lower them back to the ground.

Repeat for 4 sets of 15 reps.

Exercise 6: TRX Jump Ups


Advanced: Jump Ups

Beginner: Body Weight Squats

Hold the TRX handles in both your hands and stand back so that there is a little bit of tension in the ropes. Keeping your core engaged and your shoulders back and down with your chin tucked, squat down and then push through your heels, springing off your toes into the air. Land in a squat and engage your glutes throughout the movement.

Repeat for 4 sets of 15 reps.

Exercise 7: Burpees


Advanced: Burpee Box Jumps

Beginner: Half Burpees

Standing upright, squat down to the ground and place your hands on the floor, pushing your feet back into a plank position and then lowering your chest to the ground. Spring back up into a jump with your hands in the air, and repeat, moving fast while keeping correct form.

Throughout the movement keep your core engaged, chest proud and shoulders back and down. Tuck your chin, use your heels to push yourself up and jump off your toes.

As in a squat, engage your glutes and don’t allow your knees to fall in. Make sure that your hands are below your shoulders and your elbows are back instead of out to the sides.

Repeat for 4 sets of 15 reps.


Make sure to stay hydrated and congratulate yourself for completing an awesome workout.

If you like the sound of this and want to give Anytime Fitness a try, you most definitely should. You can find a map of their 15 Canberra locations here

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What: Anytime Fitness
When: Open 24/7 and each club has a variety of staffed hours from Monday-Saturday. Find your nearest club for more information.
Where: 15 Clubs around the ACT. Find your nearest club here:

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Photography by Martin Ollman

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