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Workout at home with HerCanberra: Strengthen, Stablise, Sanitise

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HerCanberra ACTIVE panel member and exercise physiologist Kirra Rankin has created a simple at-home workout just for you.

What a time to be alive. Historic, actually.

At Capital Hydrotherapy, as a small business working with people, our resilience is being tested, our systems are being tested and our motivation is being tested.

No matter what the world throws at us, a strong hearty business is prepared and agile—we won’t let COVID-19 stop us as a team. We just need to adapt over the next month while our patients are doing their best to stop the spread.

Stay positive. Stay calm. Reassess in another month, and don’t get ahead of ourselves.

My business depends on people. We spend all day helping people overcome their health issues. So—we are going to adapt to the change and make exercise videos for our Canberra community.

We can all “stop the spread” together, safely, at home—without losing our fitness and motivation.

Every Tuesday and Saturday at 11 am I will be going LIVE on Facebook with a new 10-15mins stay-at-home workout, on the Capital Hydrotherapy Facebook page.

It will be available for everyone—as I’ll give you floor-based, and seated options. You can replay that workout at a different time if you miss it the workout live. Furthermore, every week we are going to release a new ‘Her Workout’ video so HerCanberra readers can exercise at home.

Here’s our first release!







You can download and print the program here with all the How-To details.

It’s only a 2-minute teaser. If your fitness needs some nurturing, try for six repetitions, and two sets to get you started.

If you’re healthy and fit, I’d recommend doing the five exercises with 10 repetitions and three sets. You can do these 4-5 days a week.

Don’t forget to walk at least four days a week too—find a bush reserve or find a local oval, and do laps.

Don’t forget social distancing – staying 1.5m away from people. Avoid doing a Bridge to Bridge for the next 14 days—too many people who may have COVID-19 without knowing.

I am looking forward to sharing more HerCanberra workouts with our community. In the meantime:

Stay resilient.

Stay systemised.

Stay motivated.

Let’s be a part of history…

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