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Meet Canberra’s best hidden walks

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Bridge to Bridge, Mount Ainslie, Weston Park… we sure are blessed when it comes to scenic walks.

With an overseas travel ban in place, what better time than now to get out and explore our own city? You may think that you’ve seen it all, but we bet that there’s at least one of these that you’re yet to conquer…

Norgrove Park

You may have brunched on the Foreshore, but have you stopped to explore Norgrove Park?

Certainly not a long walk, but a delightful one nonetheless: meander stroll through the park and surrounding walkways to check out the eco-pond and wetlands.

Fetherston Gardens

Nestled away on Heysen Street in Weston Creek, you’ll find Canberra’s very own secret garden.

With 3.5 hectares of urban parkland, the Fetherston Gardens include a small arboretum, woodland gardens, a perfect spot for picnics and a network of pathways and trails that are ideal for a serene stroll.

Gossan Hill

Say hello to wildflowers, parrots, and postcard-worthy views. You’ll find this 1.7-kilometre self-guided walk at Weatherburn Close in Bruce.

Mulligans Flat

Perhaps familiar to north siders, but less so to those who dwell south of Lake Burley Griffin. Mulligans Flat is a Woodland Sanctuary where you can catch unique wildlife and spectacular scenery.

The 40-minute Grassy Woodlands Trail is particularly lovely.


With so many walks available, there’s sure to be one you haven’t explored. With plenty of family-friendly routes, there are thousands of opportunities for nature play and for the little ones to burn off some steam.

Looking for a dose of solitude? There are trails for experienced and amateur hikers alike, and plenty of ambling walking tracks for those looking to take it easy.

Shepherd’s Lookout

Looking to get out of town? Shepherd’s Lookout offers breathtaking views across the Murrumbidgee, just 600 meters from the car park. Watch the river meander below, or the sun go down across the Brindabellas.

The perfect way to feel immersed in nature, just a stone’s throw from the city.

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Feature image: Rob Mulally for VisitCanberra

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