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Eat your way around the world with SuperGrocer Supermarket

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You don’t need a plane ticket to explore a whole world of flavours—SuperGrocer Supermarket at Canberra Outlet has brought them all to town.

One of my favourite things to do when I travel to a different country isn’t seeing the historic sites. It’s wandering around the local supermarket, peering at the shelves and seeing all the weird and wonderful foods that we don’t have in Australia.

You’re talking to the woman who made it her mission to taste Twinkies and YooHoo on her Hawaiian honeymoon because she read too many Archie comics and Harlen Coben books. (For the record, neither lived up to my years of feverish anticipation…I mean, whose idea was it to make a carbonated milk drink?)

But I digress.

It turns out that I don’t need a plane ticket to explore a whole world of flavours—because the brand spanking new SuperGrocer Supermarket at Canberra Outlet has brought them all to town.

Wander through the aisles of the spacious and airy supermarket and you will find everything from Halva to Matzo Balls. Along the way you may discover authentic New Zealand ice cream (it’s one of the only places you can track it down) or Scottish tea cakes.

This cornucopia of international flavour is the result of Mary-Anne Krnc’s passion for food. Mary-Anne was born and raised in the supermarket business, while her husband Steve and his brothers have been running supermarkets for 35 years. Mary-Anne has poured her years of knowledge into the new store, curating an offering that will be hard for foodies to ignore.

“It’s about the customer’s needs. We don’t want to be like the chain stores,” says Mary-Anne.

“We want to have a bigger range, more choice, your choice.”

And they’ve certainly achieved that. On top of the staples of fresh fruit and vegetables and essential grocery items, SuperGrocer is a one-stop-shop for gourmets, without the artisan price tag. Items from Europe sit alongside hard-to-find delights from New Zealand; there are South African, Indian and Asian delicacies, Halal and Jewish foodstuffs, Mediterranean favourites, and familiar (and not-so-familiar) names from Britain and the United States.

As Mary-Anne gives me the guided tour, I can’t help but marvel at her knowledge. She shows me a loose-leaf mountain tea that’s used for medicinal purposes, shares a recipe for a delicious Macedonian dessert made with wafer sheets and introduces me to Ajvar—a magical Balkan condiment that I now seem to be addicted to.

“We’ve got Pastizzi a Maltese favourite, we’ve even got Greek frozen vegetables—okra and artichokes and beans, snap frozen perfect—plus a range of authentic Greek dishes you can just heat and eat. I mean my mum makes Galaktoboureko or Bougatsa—like a custard slice—and you need to clear your morning. For $12 it’s not worth the effort!”

Vegans will be spoilt for choice with a range of products, and cheese lovers will be equally chuffed. And the deli…well, that’s something special all sliced to order, not presliced days prior as found in the chains. The impressive space—which includes an onsite butchery—features smoked speck from famed Sydney butchery Ivan’s, as well as a range of Barossa Fine Foods smallgoods and a whole lot more.

“This product is unbelievable,” enthuses Mary-Anne, pointing at a roll of Paprika Pariser—a kind of fancy devon with green and red capsicum mixed throughout. “It makes your sandwich.”

Local producers aren’t forgotten, with a growing selection boasting everything from coffee & muesli to olive oil.

With three other supermarkets in the Canberra region, Mary-Anne and Steve’s family have learnt that the key to a successful operation is to give people what they want. This store is all about choice and a wide range not easily found elsewhere.

“I really understand what our customers’ needs are. I am always wanting to learn about different cultures’ foods so we can provide the products they’re looking for. All they have to do is ask and we will do our best to get them in,” says Mary-Anne.

With the addition of SuperGrocer, Canberra Outlet’s offering seems complete—retail therapy and grocery shopping now co-existing happily. But it’s also a ridiculously convenient supermarket option for those living or working in the inner south or Queanbeyan district. And with free parking and 7.30 am to 7 pm opening hours, shopping is easy any time of day.

Oh, and if you needed any more convincing, Liquor Boss is right next door, offering a world-class range of wines, beers and spirits—including our own HerCanberra French Earl Grey Gin, made by The Canberra Distillery.

Why would you need to go anywhere else when it’s all here in your own backyard?

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What: SuperGrocer Supermarket
Where: Canberra Outlet, 337 Canberra Avenue, Fyshwick
When: Open 7.30 am to 7 pm, seven days

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