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First Taste: Mookie

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We’ve been incredibly excited to get our hands on Mookie’s Americano-Japanese fare since we chatted to owner Jaye Min back in July. 

And now Mookie is open—and we had the first taste. Firstly, however, a word about the interior. If you’ve read our First Look piece, you’ll remember that Jaye wanted the interior to look more like a high-end clothes boutique than a burger joint. This has been achieved in spades thanks to a fresh and clean loft interior, minimalist fit out and paired back colour palette.


Pink and white tiles on everything from the walls to the tables creates a seamlessly chic aesthetic, while Jaye’s beloved reflective design feature under the ceiling has delivered on the hype—it’s eye-catching and fun and will be even more spectacular once the hoardings are peeled back and the space is flooded with natural light.

Alright alright, we’ll get to the food.

Much to my delight, we started off with the dish that inspired me to put the heavy breathing cat.gif into the previous article – Maple Bacon Fries. Cut to the perfect size, these sweet potato fries have been coated rather than battered in sweet paprika and then covered with bits of maple bacon and spring onions for some fresh crunch. Insanely delicious.


Sitting next to the fries was—you guessed it—one of Mookie’s much anticipated Concretes. This was was an Apple Pie Concrete—vanilla frozen custard blended with crushed apples and topped with cornflakes, cinnamon donut and more cinnamon. Crunchy and fresh, it was a fun alternative to a classic sundae.

Next was the main event – the burgers.


My Southern Fried Chicken Burger was lighter than expected but delicious all the same—incredibly juicy and lightly-battered. We also tried the vegetarian Shroom Burger which was tastily crumbed and accompanied by a delish sauce (according to our resident vegetarian).

The Mookie Burger also received positive reviews, as did the potato gems and Red Velvet Shake that accompanied it. But my favourite of the day, hands down, was the Geisha Concrete.

FullSizeRender 2

This ridiculously photogenic dessert is a combination of vanilla concrete blended with cheesecake (cheesecake!), topped with fresh watermelon, pistachios and rose petals. It is summer in a mouthful and I can see this becoming the go-to dessert for summer nights in the city.

Keep in mind that this was just a small cross section of Mookie’s menu. We’re heading back to try the Peanut Butter and Banana Concrete (with chocolate frozen custard, peanut butter, sliced fresh bananas, Reese’s chocolate and Corn Flakes) and the Cookies and Cream and Matcha Green Tea shakes.

the essentials 

What: Mookie
Where: 21 Genge Street, Civic
When: Opening August, keep an eye on their socials for updates

HerCanberra dined courtesy of Mookie however their opinions remain their own. 

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