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Review: Tipsy Bull

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What kind of place do you look for when you plan a night out?

When I was younger, it would be somewhere inexpensive to eat, close to or even in the same place we could go to dance and drink afterwards until the wee hours. Comfort wasn’t an issue, nor was noise. Now I’m older (but not necessarily wiser…), my friends and I prefer to go out for a nice dinner with drinks, somewhere we can sit and talk and that’s not so loud that we have to shout and strain to hear each other. This is just the kind of atmosphere that Tipsy Bull offers.

Occupying the space where the Schnitzel Haus used to be in Braddon, you’d never know it was the same place. The décor is minimalist yet comfortable, and the menu is designed to share. There’s a decent range of cocktails and wine, and I was told they also have an extensive gin list.

My friend and I ventured to Tipsy Bull for the first time the other week, both quite hungry and keen to try the food. After some trouble narrowing down what to order, we started with the crispy eggplant with cashews and black sesame mayo. I’d never had eggplant cooked this way before and it was quite nice, crispy on the outside but not mushy in the middle as eggplant can sometimes be. It was a pretty heavy dish though, good for winter but we’d recommend sharing it between three or more.

MB_Tipsy Bull eggplant

Next, we had a serve of Dutch carrots with candied walnuts and shaved manchego cheese. I didn’t know carrots could be so delicious. My friend and I both loved this dish. The combination of flavours was just right and the walnuts provided a nice contrast in texture to the carrots. And it was so colourful!

MB_Tipsy Bull carrots

After all the veggies, it was time for some meat. The crispy fried yakatori spring chicken with sashimi pepper was up first. I was curious about what sashimi pepper was, so I asked about it and was told it was Tipsy Bull’s own blend of spices. I’m not very good with chilli so was relieved to find it was served on the side.

The chicken itself was tasty, and lived up to its name, nice and crispy on the outside but juicy inside. The coating itself had a lot of flavour, but you could then control your desired level of heat by adding the sashimi pepper, which really did have a bit of a kick to it. This is a good dish to have if you a) like chicken and b) are dining with people who all have different levels of chilli/spice tolerance.

MB_Tipsy Bull chicken

Our next dish was a serve of Cowra lamb cutlets with hazelnut pangratto, caramelised shallots, and red wine jus. The lamb was cooked nicely, pink in the middle and not overdone, and I liked the sweetness of the sauce.

MB_Tipsy Bull lamb

Finally, what would dinner be without dessert? My friend and I had both been eyeing off the warm blueberry and white chocolate bread pudding with vanilla bean ice cream, so we got one to share. Zero regrets. This was delicious and comforting, and pretty as well. It was a battle between wanting to scoff it but also trying to take our time to make it last longer.

MB_Tipsy Bull pudding

If your idea of a night out is along the same lines as mine, Tipsy Bull is a good place to go—and make sure you get the bread pudding dessert.

the essentials

What: Tipsy Bull
Where: 2/5 Lonsdale Street, Braddon
When: Tuesday-Sunday 12pm-late
Contact: Call 02 6248 7999 or visit their website or Facebook page

The author and her friend dined courtesy of Tipsy Bull, but all opinions remain their own.

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