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Modern Dating: A Table for Six

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More of a dinner club less of a match making club…

Do you find yourself sitting at home after your separation, not sure who to meet and where to go?

Your friends may be married and have children who need their undivided attention and with that, perhaps you’re feeling lost in a singles world. Apps might not be for you, or events which are set up with the direct purpose of matching you with someone. But there are other options.

What about if you could go out to dinner with no pressure, in a relaxed atmosphere with other singles around your age and enjoy a meal? Knowing there is no expectation to be asked out, where you can actually enjoy the company of men and women and make new connections in your city, whether it’s a friendship or more?

A Table of Six is very different from your typical “let’s get out and meet singles” event.

Canberra host Jenny brought A Table for Six to Canberra over four years ago because she found that the single scene needed a different kind of connection.

That connection that was to introduce other singles who may be lonely, seeking a friendship or even a relationship in a very relaxed environment. Jenny says A Table for Six is not a matchmaking service, but one for singles to get out of the house and connect.

“There is no judgement and no pressure,” she explains. “The nerves tend to not be there as you will attend a dinner with five others – three men and three women in total.”

Jenny hosts the dinners herself and carefully chooses attendees to give you an opportunity to meet a diverse range of people who you could potentially have a lot in common with. The restaurants are chosen by Jenny from either personal experience, reviews or member feedback.

Jenny shared with me that tables are booked discreetly and the restaurant doesn’t know you’re part of A Table for Six. She says it’s more like a club for singles rather than a matching service. A dinner club.

At first, I was a little surprised by Jenny’s comment about it not being a matching service. There is a membership fee – $349 – so what do you get for that?

Jenny explains that the membership fee covers the host’s service of ensuring you will always have an option to go to dinners through the 12-month membership. Where your host will ensure you meet two new men and two new women each time you attend a dinner. With the ever growing membership base, you will be sure to make great connections with a diverse range of people.

There is no swiping, no judgement, no hassling and no stalking on Facebook prior because there are rules.

The rules are that you’re not to exchange numbers and make dates for after, which ensures there is no pressure on the night. It gives each member a chance to relax in the company of others and know there is no outcome except a great night out. Should you wish to connect after the dinner, you can contact your host and numbers can then be exchanged if the interest is mutual.

Membership may also be used Australia-wide at the discretion of each host in each state, giving you the opportunity to meet others should you move or be away on business.

Even though A Table for Six is not a match making service, Jenny mentions that there have been many relationships started from the dinners and even a few weddings.

For those who feel a bit lost in a world of apps and speed dating, A Table for Six might help you ease your way back into the community as you find your place again as a single person.

To find out more about A Table for Six, click here

Note: The booking fee for dinners is $33 plus your meal and drinks.


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