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Race Day Millinery and Make Up

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Make no mistake.

Wearing a beautiful piece of millinery is so much more than popping a hat on top of your head after you’ve dressed and applied your makeup. So much more.

Just ask Jade Sargent, who owns local fashion label Sovata, and Ali Price, an award-winning makeup artist. The two have recently joined forces on a major cover shoot and are ‘in synch’ when it comes to millinery and makeup ‘dos and don’ts’. The same applies to hair.

“Never fear colour,” says Jade. “Mixing black, white and strong colour is fresh and so much more interesting than monochrome. And it makes you stand out in the crowd. I designed the garments and hats in “Taking control” so they marry well with black and white. That’s the whole idea.”

Don’t hedge your bet with the look, however. The key to wearing a striking hat is to make sure makeup doesn’t compete. The hat deserves to be the focal point so don’t detract from it.

Ali says the same overall principles apply (no pun intended) to makeup. “A toned-down, natural, nude look is perfect with bright, bold millinery,” says the makeup artist. “Make your outfit and hat the feature by moving away from strong eye shadows, heavy makeup and conflicting lip colours.”


“Remember that makeup is an extension of fashion,” says Ali. “In many ways it’s an accessory— “fashion for your face” which means it must work with the rest of your look. If you’re wearing a smaller, softer piece on your head, then your makeup can be more of a focus, but if you’re wearing a big, bold, bright piece you need to strike a careful balance and avoid competing colours and strengths.”

Here are tips for a winning millinery and makeup look

  1. Think through your makeup instead of automatically applying what you’d normally wear.
  2. Pay attention to the vibe and style you’re trying to create.
  3. Remember that ‘natural’ goes with every style and outfit.
  4. Focus on beautiful skin—dewy, fresh and soft.
  5. Add a natural blush to the cheeks since cheeks that glow radiate under a hat.
  6. Use warmth with soft bronzers and blushes—no heavy contouring or foundation.
  7. Consider nude lips, which are coming back. If you’re not comfortable with a nude lip, add a hint of colour, and one that picks up a colour in your hat.
  8. Go for other elements of a neutral look—team your nude lips with soft smoky eyes or winged liner to balance out strong lines in a hat.
  9. If you want a slightly stronger look, consider colours that complement those in the hat.


Here are tips for winning hair

  1. Straight and sleek is guaranteed to work. Nice and neat is the way to go.
  2. Clean and simple hair in a low bun or a pony tail is often the easiest way to make sure the hat is the focus.
  3. If your hair is out, make sure it sits nicely over the headband.
  4. Consider draping longer hair over one shoulder instead of both.
  5. If you want curls, go for a few loose ones—nothing too big and bouncy.
  6. If you want your hair to be elaborate and a major feature of your look, then don’t bother with a hat.

For photo shoots, Ali and Jade agree more license can be taken. “This is when you’re styling for the story behind the collection and for drama, not for an everyday race look.”

And last, but not least, Jade says make this a year to wear a hat, if you’ve never done so before.


“Many people hesitate because they’re not sure how to sit the hat on their head or they’re worried about the hats being heavy and uncomfortable to wear. The ones I make are surprisingly light and comfortable,” says Jade. “They’re made from natural and light fibres that breathe and I can help with fit.”


Designer: Sovata
Models: Lara Schroeder and Georgia Mackay (HAUS Models)
Photography: Bad Cat Photography
MUA: Kaarin Helmers Makeup Artistry
On location: East Hotel

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