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How to start implementing healthy morning habits—before the festive madness hits

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Do you have a morning movement routine? A plan? If not—what makes you feel energised?

It’s that time of year—it’s time to start implementing healthy morning habits. Before the festive madness hits. Habits that are simple, habits that are easy and habits that are efficient.

I’m going to make it easy for you. I have created a Holiday Habits Planner for just you! Click the image for a larger version that you can print.

I often see the word “routine” thrown around. Don’t get me wrong, I have many routines, however when it comes to my long-term health I use the word “habits”.

The word “routine” makes you feel like it’s something you have to externally do. Whereas, a “habit” makes it feel more intrinsic, natural and built into our lives without force.

If you want to successfully start implementing morning habits over the holiday season (or routines if you’d rather use that word!) then you need to:

1) Decide WHAT you want exactly

2) Write it down

3) Schedule when it’s going to happen (6 am? 7 am? 10 am?)

4) Follow through (Do)

5) Work on it. Every day.

Make sure the holiday habit is achievable—that’s the key— and you’re welcome to share yours with me (

Here are some examples you could add to your morning planner:

  • 7 am: Online yoga
  • 8 am: Walk with the dog
  • 6 am: Run with the neighbour
  • 8.30 am: Home circuit
  • 9 am: Pandemic Pilates (here’s the link)
  • 10 am: Online Barre Class
  • 5.20 am: F45 class
  • 6.15 am: SOULution yoga by the lake in Belconnen
  • 8 am: ParkRun
  • 9.30 am: Tennis Cardio with Tennis ACT

The list is endless—the key is writing down the time, day and what activity.

Pack your gear the night before and make it happen. Don’t leave your workout for the afternoon during the festive season—someone will come over with a bottle of wine, and well, let’s face it, wine always wins.

Keep this simple:

  • Decide.
  • Write.
  • Schedule.
  • Do.

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