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Do you have Moxxi?

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What have you done to be courageous recently? I am being courageous by announcing that there’s a word I want to introduce into our modern Australian vernacular—moxxi.

A similar word listed in the Oxford English Dictionary is moxie. Defined as force of character, determination or nerve, traditionally the word refers to courage, spirit and daring. To represent Moxxi Group, Australia’s number one mindset coaches for women, Lauren Hayes has taken this word and tweaked it. Lauren has added an extra ‘x’ to represent the symbol for the female chromosome, adapting the definition of moxxi to mean “women with courage”. Moxxi refers to the mindset shift needed for women to be empowered to reach their full potential and act with courage.


Lauren Hayes is a mindset coach for women and she is one of the most energetic people you will ever meet. Fiercely passionate about her work, even a simple conversation with her will have you believing you can do anything—her energy is that infectious. Lauren loves to see people succeed in all areas of their lives and it shows in her dedication to her clients. She believes in every single one of them and celebrates their achievements as if they were her own.

“My Moxxi ladies are just amazeballs, I can’t speak highly enough of them. There are all amazing, courageous, incredible, intelligent, supportive women who blow my mind with what they achieve,” she says. 

Lauren knows more than anyone how much moxxi it takes to chase your dreams, let go of old beliefs and step into the unknown. She puts herself out of her own comfort zone every day and continually pushes herself to reach the next level and improve herself, her business and the support she gives to her moxxi ladies. Lauren doesn’t claim to be perfect. She shares her imperfections and struggles with her ladies in the hopes that her stories will inspire and motivate them. Lauren learns from every incident in her life and shares her experiences to highlight and exemplify the techniques she teaches the ladies around her.

As Lauren explains it’s all about implementing a change in mindset. 

“Changing your mindset happens in an instant. The work you need to do to make that change permanent starts the next moment.”

Whether it was courage or stupidity that led her to abandon her corporate rise as a management consultant at Ernst & Young and build the Moxxi Group, Lauren felt that it was the only move she could make. She became exasperated at the number of successful, intelligent, ambitious women she saw in her industry who did not achieve the same level of success as their male counterparts.


While still in the corporate world, Lauren grew increasingly frustrated that people would not take the action she suggested to fix the problems they encountered, particularly when this action required a mindset change. She became fascinated by the reasons behind why some people succeed and others, who are similarly qualified and experienced, don’t. Lauren began to believe that the female inequality that exists in some industries is not because women don’t have the same opportunities as men—it’s because women have different values and goals in life.

These observations gave Lauren the motivation to create Moxxi Group, which provides quality mindset coaching for women. Lauren firmly believes that mindset training is the foundation of any type of achievement. It’s possible to learn any skill but implementation is where many people falter due to self-limiting beliefs. Through Moxxi Group, Lauren has combined the best tools and techniques from life coaching, positive psychology and success training to help women live a more vibrant and courageous life.

Moxxi first helps women define what success means to them, and then reach the goals they set for themselves within that definition to build the life they want. Lauren inspires and motivates her clients to take the action needed to meet their goals. She doesn’t promise that the journey is going to be easy and doesn’t believe that there is any quick fix to the problems her clients are dealing with. Lauren teaches and lives the understanding that the only way to achieve the success her clients want is to put in the hard work to make mindset changes, and apply techniques and strategies which will maintain the new belief system.

Affectionately known by her clients as the velvet sledgehammer, Lauren won’t accept any excuses and demands action and commitment from her clients. But does this because she devotes herself 110 per cent to every client she works with. There’s no mollycoddling at Moxxi Group, but the support provided to create lasting mindset shifts is both phenomenally generous and successful. Lauren was a nominee for Telstra Business Women of the Year in 2013 and now coaches women across Australia and internationally.

You can find out more by visiting or find Lauren being courageous daily on Facebook.

P.S. Her video blogs are particularly entertaining, especially the one where she’s very happy about wearing cufflinks.

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